Millennial Leadership

The article “Thinking Ahead–Millennial Leadership” by Brody Clemmer discusses the requirements and conditions that relate to a millennial leader. Millennials are a generation that reach adulthood in the 21st century.  As a result, millennial leadership technically means the leaders of today’s society.

So, there were couple of question that came to mind when I read this. How is a millennial leader or leadership different from the past?, and how do you become a successful millennial leader?

A quote from the blog stated: “Currently, many of the millennial leaders that we see are not leaders at all, they are entrepreneurs and creators”. So, how can entrepreneurs or creators be leaders? The answer from the article is that “if they were able to take over the firm to be a 50 years+ old organization”, then they probably could count as a leader.

Personally, I think that is a way to define the Millennial Leadership. Also, he mentioned by this to set an eco-system business. So that the business can grow 50+ years old. By looking down the article, I found ways of how millennial leadership be settled.

Now, let me introduce the opinions from the article I learned about “Millennial Leadership”. There were 4 elements to be a qualified millennial leader. First is “Adaptive Communication”. In short, the adaptive communication is not singular messages pushed to the masses, bur negotiate the messages or information effectively. Plus, in today’s society the global economy and market are connected more and more intense. So, the communication way must change.

Second factor connect with “Millennial Leadership” is “A Switch from Collaboration to Open Education”.  The author opinion toward this is “ a land filled with empty promises of menainful collaboration”(Brody). And in order to improve this  we need to make the “collaboration more structured and opportunistic.

Third, it comes to term of “Social Responsibility”. I think that term have been mention many times in business lectures. What I found by the author opinion is quite thankful. First, he mention that “Millennials have been notoriously associated with ‘do well by doing good’ movement”. As a solution by him is to set “doing well by doing good both from a social and financial impact aspect” ( Brody). As my opinion to this view, I think that is very important to a business organization. In today’s business, many of company did not do well in social responsibility. Many firms are greedy and only think of their current business and income. This is really important for business growth.

Finally, the author mention about the salary. In short, the author opinion toward this is in order to get most talent people, the leader have to pay and treat them well. Also he think, in order to get loyal and grateful workers, the leader have to loyal and grateful to his employee or team members. I think the opinion toward the salary is very good. However, one thing the author did not mention is what if the worker or employee is not the most talent people; or in other words, they just have normal skills that can finishes their work on the normal level. So my question is how to treat them, and what kind of salary to give those people. Also, I think many of companies want the most talent people, and promise to give with top salary. As a solution with that, I think that is something related to the social responsibility. The leader have to give their enough salary related to their skill or talent level, also give promise or sign contract with not fire those people easily.


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