As we know, coaching is essential to leadership situations. We all have experience with either coaching people or being coached. The question is: what is effective coaching?  In a blog from All Things Workplace, the author has 4 elements to help leaders better coach followers.


“Ultimately, nothing will happen until you gain laser-like clarity on the issue or goal”. I think clarity should happen before beginning. In the very first stage, the opinion and ideas should be clear of what you want to express to people. That is very important. For example, teachers to some extent, are coaching students. In a lecture, I can sit in the class for over one hour, but in the end not know what the teacher was talking about. I think in some cases, it is related to clarity. I do not know what the teacher want to express due to a lack of clarity.


“When I repeated the phrase and asked him if that’s where he wanted to go he smiled and his energy level went up noticeably. As a coach or client, ask the question: Is the excitement increasing because you’ve hit upon the real thing or an exciting thing?”.  I think it’s important to confirm the goal setting. It’s also important to confirm that you are doing things correctly.


“When we keep a goal or an issue to ourselves, there’s no accountability for action. Once we state our desires or intentions to other people, we have a much greater chance of success.”(Steve) It is really important in human relationship, not only coaching and leadership. What I mean is not normal communications. But communicate with effectiveness. To effectively communicate and negotiate with others is a significant way to help better understand each other’s and share opinions. Also, effective communication can help you can avoid the further dilemma sometimes. For example, after many communication I did with my parents, they will understand what I was thinking about, and to be better decide how to coaching me in a better way.


“Create an immediate action–something that will happen today”. This emphasizes the importance of action. “Without a commitment and follow-up, it’s easy to feel good about the session and still have nothing happen. (I hate when nothing happens!)”. Without commitment, action will not happen.



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