One of the primary tasks for leaders is to influence people. In ordinary life, most of us want to have influence. After reading this short article, I have a better idea of how to make a difference.

First, influence comes with agreement. In your career, “[if] you want to persuade someone to take a particular course of action, you need some agreements about what needs to be done and who will do it”. This truly happened in my life. Once I had a group project, and I was the group leader. I assigned the group works to each of my group members, including myself. Through negotiation and discussion, we came to an agreement on what each member should do. This is a simple example of how the leadership can influence work.

Second, the term “positional bargaining” was introduced in the article. “Positional bargaining happens when one person lays out a case and the other counters with an argument in favor of his or her own position”. The winner would be the side wielding the most power, and the loser would resent the loss. To be honest, that is not a situation that I would like to encounter. I am that type of person that does not want to have conflict with others. I will do my best to avoid this situation in the future.



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