Millennial Leaders

What Kind of Leaders Are Millennials?

In today’s society, many companies are growing to immense sizes in a very short of time. Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram are impacting today’s society and economy in many aspects. Millennial leaders are our future leaders. And their choices will impact our lives in different ways.

A blog called “What Kind of Leaders Are Millennials?” by Hannah Morgan spoke about the indispensable elements of millennial leaders.  In previous blogs I have mentioned the Millennial leaders. These blog ideas are based on a survey conducted by a professional organization. This article more specifically defined the term millennial leaders.

One interesting thing I found is that around 91 percent of Millennials are seeking leadership responsibilities, and more than half are women. I think that is interesting because in today’s society more than half the leaders in work places are men. So, that probably means that the population of leaders will become more equally distributed between the two genders. Hopefully then, we might have better world.

The first element of Millennial Leaders is “leading with the heart”. The survey showed that over 50% defined leadership as “empowering others to succeed”. Only 5 percent said money and 1 percent claimed to want power. So, it could be treat as a trend, that Millennial leader wants to help others. If you help others succeed, the business will grow and the firm can stand more social responsibilities.

The second element is “leading with purpose”. “More than 60 percent of aspiring millennial leaders ‘want to challenge and inspire their followers with a sense of purpose and excitement,’ according to the study, which termed this leadership style as transformational.” This leadership style is transformational because they want their work to give back to society.

The third element is “making leadership fit”.  As we know, Millennials value flexibility. “28 percent of millennials are concerned that being a leader may disrupt their treasured work-life balance”. Some Millennials would rather pass the opportunity for being a leader. So, the task that Millennials should accomplish with is to find an equivalent way to balance that.

In the end, the term for millennials is “filling the gaps”.  The gaps between the new leaders and the old. Because the millennials are relatively young and inexperienced. Most of them realize that they are lacking experience. Research found “that 53 percent are eager to learn from mentors”. Some companies already provide mentoring programs which work “to foster a two-way transfer of knowledge and have started to implement reverse mentoring programs that enable senior or more seasoned employees and leaders to learn from tech-savvy millennials”. After reading this, I feel that we are a generation that are very lucky because there are so many programs that tell us how to do better in the workplace. What millennials need to do is to ask and search for help when they have problems with their current work or study. Also, the way of self-study cannot be lacking. Without the action and movement to search and find the information, the leadership cannot be built by others.



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