This article is full of advice on how to “experience less stress, enhanced relationships, improved health, and better time management, then you must learn to set boundaries” in business careers. And I think this is suitable for all leaders.  I personally found many of the ideas quite interesting.

First, to help when dealing with an angry person say something like, “‘You are a valued customer, but I will not tolerate this type of verbal abuse. If this is how you are going to treat me, I need to hang up the phone'”. I think this is very interesting, because most of the time we were told to be humble and polite. This gave me the option to stand up for myself. I am thinking that sometimes I faced a dilemma because I did not set boundaries. That will be a very useful tactic to release stress.

If you are busy and people ask you to do extra work, you could say “’While this organization and the people in it are very important to me, I can’t make any new commitments until I fulfill my current list of responsibilities'”. I don’t think that is a way of avoiding responsibility. It shows your dedication to the organization, and helps you to have more time to focus on your own tasks.

If you business partner is deciding things without you, you could say, “‘I admire your ability to quickly make decisions; however, when those decisions impact me, I would appreciate being included in the decision-making process. Is that fair enough?’”. What impact me in this situation is that the author emphasized the importance of me as an identity in the organization. This advice will be useful in the future.

According to the article, the first step to set boundaries is self-awareness. For example, when you feel exhausted or feel stress or guilt, you should identity things that bother you. I think most people realize when things bother them, when they have those feelings, but the problem is how to solve those issues.

The second step is to be respectful, control self-emotions, and use a respectful tone with co-workers. I think that is reasonable, because even you feel bad in an organization. That is not a reason to be rude.

Being consistent with boundaries is important. Once you give in, people will open the door for future abuse.

Those are really some useful tactics that I think most people will encounter in their careers. So, as a result, setting boundaries becomes extremely important.



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