The Importance of Action

I am the kind of person who lacks the motivation to do things. In an article called “You Don’t Need More Information–You Need More Action”, Daniel Decker states that he often finds himself putting off work because he cannot find the motivation to get started. I think that this is a problem for all types of leaders.

After reading this article, I now know more ways to turn my ideas into actions. The first item that I found interesting is that usually we already have enough information but are simply lacking the action. I think this is true in most cases.

When we want to do things, we always want to find more information and do more research. We forget to make the idea a reality. I think we already have enough information; just do it! This is a great way to encourage ourselves to do things. The worst part about looking for more information is that we sometimes wait for months or years to do the things we want to do that are not yet started.

Decker stated that, “Small actions over time create big results”. This is a tiny reminder from the author. Taking myself for example, sometimes I want to clean my room and it takes around one hour. In the future, if I want to clean my room, maybe I can start with something small, like tossing all of my papers in the trash.

Decker also said that he has worked with many stressful people. When those people want to do something, they always said that the information they gathered is not 100 percent. I found the idea that “perfection is a myth” quite interesting. To be honest, I was shocked by the 4 words. Too many times I have said to myself that it is not the perfect time right now. The idea that perfection is a myth solves that.


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